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Project Details


Zeochem is a quality-oriented Swiss company with locations in Switzerland, the United States, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Singapore.  They specialize in manufacturing molecular sieves, chromatography gels, and deuterium labeled compounds.  The company approached me in 2023 about their website.  The website was in pretty bad shape, with broken components, poor core vital scores, and a CMS that couldn’t be updated because it’s version was so out of date.  I proposed migrating the site from Craft CMS to WordPress. In the process, I would improve the functionality of the site, content relationships, and the back-end experience of editing content for their team. I would accomplish this without a reliance on plugins keeping the site lean and built for performance.

  • WordPress Development
zeochem R&D

Zeochem + WordPress

Frustrated with the Craft CMS content management system,  I migrated content and rebuilt the site in WordPress for a more intuitive experience.  I built a custom WordPress theme from the ground up, replacing dependencies and optimizing code.  I used this opportunity to create better relationships between content for a more automated experience.  I upgraded content relationships so that their team didn’t have to duplicate content that appears on multiple pages.  I implemented live search, and advanced filtering to handle sorting of products, applications, and frequently asked questions.  The site is kept low maintenance by not relying on plugins.

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Improving Core Vitals

The rebuild also included improving the website’s core vital scores.  These improvements have made the site faster to view and edit, accessibility compliant, and optimized for search engines.  This optimization is already helping them reach more people as the leader in their industry.