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During my time at STEWART, I worked extensively on numerous digital initiatives for Merck Animal Health Equine, utilizing a blend of design expertise and front-end development skills. Employing tools such as Sketch App and browser-based design with front-end development.  I enhanced their equine website’s functionality and appeal. This involved the development of specialized landing pages for deworming and vaccination campaigns, which served as critical conduits for disseminating vital healthcare information within the equine community. I also worked on a project which was a collaboration between Merck Animal Health and the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) for the Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign.  I was responsible for taking design elements from the campaign and converting them into a responsive website that showcase the partnership and the work they were doing, as well as an FAQ section and contact page for equine rescue facilities to get involved.

Merck Animal Health
  • Front-End Development
  • UX
  • Web Design
Merck Animal Health Equine, Panacur

Front-End Development for Merck Animal Health

As part of the Merck Animal Health project, I took charge of  turning design ideas into functional web pages for the Merck Animal Health Equine website. Rather than designing in a static environment, I designed with code in the browser to add pages and additional layouts to existing pages.  Handing off the front-end developed pages to their .NET development partner ensured a smooth and cohesive implementation of the designs.

UHVRC, Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign

Front-end Development for UHVRC

Like my work for Merck Animal Health, I started with a general concept in Sketch App, and quickly moved to designing in the browser to build out the page design.  This allowed me to stage the design files and quickly make updates or changes for the client.  This process was used for two iterations, the initial launch of the site and later the celebrations of 10 years of the program.