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From 1999-2012, I worked as the photographer and graphic designer for the University of Louisville Cardinals.  During that time I was the lead for photography while also handling full-time graphic design of anything from brochures, marketing collateral, facility murals and more.

University of Louisville
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
Muhammad Ali, Freedom Hall

Photography Vision

During my decade as the lead photographer, I aimed to capture exciting moments of action and celebration, as well as capturing athlete stories through portraits.  It was just as important to me to capture images of every athlete that stepped on a field or court.  I had the opportunity to photograph great rivalries, national championship games, tournament games and bowl games,  and getting to photograph the G.O.AT.

Louisville Ladybirds

Building a Design Foundation

During my involvement with UofL athletics, it became evident that there was a lack of a cohesive brand vision across their marketing materials and facility design. Recognizing the importance of consistency in visual identity, I took the initiative to establish a clear direction for the department, aiming to create a unified look and feel that would unmistakably represent Louisville athletics.

By implementing this cohesive approach, the goal was to ensure that regardless of the sport or context, the unmistakable essence of Louisville athletics would shine through. This strategic endeavor not only enhanced the team’s visibility but also played a pivotal role in recruiting efforts, setting them apart and reinforcing their identity within the competitive collegiate sports landscape. Through thoughtful design and meticulous attention to detail, I laid the groundwork for a strong and enduring brand presence that resonated with athletes, fans, and recruits alike.