About me

Photography. Design. Code.  Three words representative of my creative journey.  I started my career as a sports photographer that spanned over a decade.  Over the years my work was featured in notable publications such as Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, and Cigar Aficionado.

During my time with the University of Louisville I also expanded my creative reach to other mediums, and my life as a designer began.  It started small with media publication covers and soon blossomed into creating posters, banners, and facility installations, truck wraps, and more.

After over a decade of the sports life, I found a new passion in web design and eventually development.  I loved having a new challenge and being able to not only design something but make it come to life as well.  My greatest joy is combining all of my skills to create projects from concept to deployment.  For me it’s not just the visuals of a project that matter, it’s making it work with a purpose.

Ideas are worthless without execution.

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